EM Express Login – Get Flash

I have 12c setup on OEL 6.7 on  OVM and while trying to access EM express, I was receiving the error Just for the notes, a user can log into EM Express using URL https://<hostname&gt;:<port>/em and port details can be found using lsnrctl status | grep HTTP or select dbms_xdb_config.getHttpsPort() from dual; Clicking on the … Continue reading EM Express Login – Get Flash


Tuned-adm and Oracle

"Tuned" in RHEL7/OEL7 is tuning daemon for automatically tuning the system via the use of tuning profile. It can also be configured to react to changes to improve performance of the server and also to make system settings persistent. "tuned-adm" is a command line tool that provides a number of different profiles to improve performance. … Continue reading Tuned-adm and Oracle

Move Table Partition between Tables

I was recently asked if we can move partition of one table into another? Basically a developers had truncated the partition and the team wanted to move the partition from one table to another.Both the table were structurally the same and had same data. Here I will be showing how we can do that 1. … Continue reading Move Table Partition between Tables

Exchange Partition – Exchanging Table Partitions

Recently I came across a requirement of moving table to new tablespace. The table had 12 range based partitions and each partition had ~8K list subpartitions and was storing historic data. After few discussion, it was decided to use exchange partition instead of dbms_redefinition. As I did not have much practical experience in exchange partition, … Continue reading Exchange Partition – Exchanging Table Partitions

Interesting blogs after OOW

It has been long time since i have posted something. After the OOW week and 12c db version being on its way, there have been few blogs which i would recommend to read http://portrix-systems.de/blog/brost/favourite-oracle-12c-database-features-of-openworld-bloggers/ http://hansforbrich.blogspot.sg/2012/10/toms-12-top-new-features.html http://dbastreet.com/blog/?p=908 http://momendba.blogspot.in/2012/10/oow-2012-oracle-12c-new-features.html http://momendba.blogspot.in/2012/10/oracle-rac-12c-new-featues.html http://uhesse.com/2012/10/01/exadata-x3-key-points/ Happy reading 🙂