EM Express Login – Get Flash

I have 12c setup on OEL 6.7 on  OVM and while trying to access EM express, I was receiving the error Just for the notes, a user can log into EM Express using URL https://<hostname&gt;:<port>/em and port details can be found using lsnrctl status | grep HTTP or select dbms_xdb_config.getHttpsPort() from dual; Clicking on the … Continue reading EM Express Login – Get Flash


Online Partition Move fails with ORA-00932 –

Oracle 12c introduced feature to move table partitions and sub-partitions as online operations.So, this blog is related to this feature and the issue I faced. The database was upgraded from to and this issue is seen in upgraded databases only. Lets start!!! SQL> create table sales_part (product char(25),channel_id number,cust_id number, amount_sold number, time_id … Continue reading Online Partition Move fails with ORA-00932 –

Interesting blogs after OOW

It has been long time since i have posted something. After the OOW week and 12c db version being on its way, there have been few blogs which i would recommend to read http://portrix-systems.de/blog/brost/favourite-oracle-12c-database-features-of-openworld-bloggers/ http://hansforbrich.blogspot.sg/2012/10/toms-12-top-new-features.html http://dbastreet.com/blog/?p=908 http://momendba.blogspot.in/2012/10/oow-2012-oracle-12c-new-features.html http://momendba.blogspot.in/2012/10/oracle-rac-12c-new-featues.html http://uhesse.com/2012/10/01/exadata-x3-key-points/ Happy reading 🙂