FastAI: Multi-Label Classification [Chapter-6]

PyTorch and fastai have two main classes for representing and accessing a training set or validation set: Dataset:: A collection that returns a tuple of your independent and dependent variable for a single itemDataLoader:: An iterator that provides a stream of mini-batches, where each mini-batch is a tuple of a batch of independent variables and … Continue reading FastAI: Multi-Label Classification [Chapter-6]


FastAI – Image Classification – [Chapter 5]

DataLoaders DataLoaders - Is a class that just stores whatever DataLoader object you pass to it and makes it available as train and valid. To turn downloaded data into a DataLoaders object we need at least 4 things - What kind of data we are working withHow to get the list of itemsHow to label … Continue reading FastAI – Image Classification – [Chapter 5]

FastAI : Training a Digit Classifier - [Chapter-4] - Part II

Metric is to drive human understanding and the loss is to drive automated learning. Stochastic Gradient Descent - As Arthur Samuel had mentioned the description of machine learning Suppose we arrange for some automatic means of testing the effectiveness of any current weight assignment in terms of actual performance and provide a mechanism for altering … Continue reading FastAI : Training a Digit Classifier - [Chapter-4] - Part II

fastai : Training a Digit Classifier - Baseline Model [Chapter-4] - Part I

Chapter 1 Notes - I want to start this blog with some of my personal notes before jumping on the book. Below is the notebook with examples of 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional array using numpy. 2. What is a norm? A norm is a measure of distance and have three properties All distances are … Continue reading fastai : Training a Digit Classifier - Baseline Model [Chapter-4] - Part I

fastai : Just Go out and Play [Chapter -1]

For quite some time I have been thinking to start writing about data science and machine learning, but somehow it wasn't happening. Recently, I joined 25 weeks long fastbook reading session organized by Weights & Biases and lead by Aman Arora ( awesome instructor 👏). This is my first time participating in a reading session … Continue reading fastai : Just Go out and Play [Chapter -1]