latch: cache buffers chains and rollback

I had an interesting encounter with latch: cbc contention early this week. During my oncall I received page for Load of 206.81 exceeded threshold of 150. After I logged into server , the server load average was continously increasing and all the top PIDs were of oracle processes. After logging into database, I saw multiple … Continue reading latch: cache buffers chains and rollback


ORA-00600:[kcbsor_2], [3], [2]

Recently we had a node crash of one node in 3-node RAC database configuration.The alert log showed - Thu Apr 26 00:15:16 2012 Hex dump of (file 488, block 345039) in trace file /u01/oradiag/diag/rdbms/matrix_adc/matrix3/trace/matrix3_dbw1_16218.trc Corrupt block relative dba: 0x7a0543cf (file 488, block 345039) Bad header found during preparing block for write Data in bad … Continue reading ORA-00600:[kcbsor_2], [3], [2]