ORA-15027: active use of diskgroup “DATA” precludes its dismount

As i wanted to test few thing related to asm diskgroup on my test box, had to drop the diskgroup. Before dropping the diskgroup had dropped the database using RMAN. A S M D I S K G R O U P S P A C E U S A G E R E P … Continue reading ORA-15027: active use of diskgroup “DATA” precludes its dismount

Optimizer Statistics Whitepaper

The CBO team has released two white papers on Optimizer.The first paper was released in Nov 2011, which was titled "Understanding Optimizer Statistics" and this month Apr 2012, they have released "Best Practices for Gathering Optimizer Statistics". I would say its a must read. https://blogs.oracle.com/optimizer/entry/lies_damned_lies_and_statistics https://blogs.oracle.com/optimizer/entry/lies_damned_lies_and_statistics1 Also Timur Akhmadeev has started Poll on the METHOD_OPT … Continue reading Optimizer Statistics Whitepaper

oracle-hot-backup-concept – Revisitied!!!

In 2010 i had posted the blog with the hot backup concept which was explained by Howard (aka,HJR on Forums) - https://aprakash.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/oracle-hot-backup-concept/ Recently i read another blog by "Jeremiah Wilton" who has explained it very well, so i thought of posting it for my future reference as well as for few others who might have … Continue reading oracle-hot-backup-concept – Revisitied!!!