sshsetup – 11gR2

Today i noticed the folder “sshsetup” in the 11gR2 Oracle Database patch sets which is a full installations of the Oracle Database software.The folder has the file “” which would be useful for creating User equivalence in RAC installation instead of manually copying ssh RSA and DSA to all cluster nodes.

Few lines from the script –

#Usage  -user  [ -hosts \"\" | -hostfile  ] [ -advanced ]  [ -verify] [ -exverify ] [ -logfile  ] [-confirm] [-shared] [-help] [-usePassphrase] [-noPromptPassphrase]
#eg. -hosts "host1 host2" -user njerath -advanced
#This script is used to setup SSH connectivity from the host on which it is run to the specified remote hosts. After this script is run, the user can use SSH to run commands on the remote hosts or copy files between the local host and the remote hosts without being prompted for passwords or confirmations.

#In case the user speciies the -exverify option, an exhaustive verification would be done. In that case, the following would be checked:
# 1. SSH connectivity from local host to all remote hosts.
# 2. SSH connectivity from each remote host to itself and other remote hosts.

I didn’t get to chance to test it yet,but thanks to Martin Bach who has already written an article on it and has made it easy to understand –

From 11gR2 we can setup SSH while installing the GRID infrastructure which in-turn calls “” internally.

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