Oracle Hot Backup Concept

Very frequently i have seen DBAs having some misconception about the User managed Hot Backup.Most common questions are 1. When tablespace is in backup mode, do the DML activities updates the records? 2. Why there is no change in SCN? 3. Why is there excess redo generation during hot backup? Long time back,same questions were … Continue reading Oracle Hot Backup Concept


sys as sysdba – insufficient privileges

Working on the Solaris server i always use " / as sysdba" to login to the database.While creating a backup scripts, i used sqlplus -s "sys@iddb as sysdba" Before testing the script, did a tnsping bash-3.00$ tnsping iddb TNS Ping Utility for Solaris: Version - Production on 28-MAY-2010 17:00:44 Copyright (c) 1997, 2006, Oracle. … Continue reading sys as sysdba – insufficient privileges