ERROR ssl: nzos_Handshake failed, ret=29024

Today i faced an interesting issue with dbconsole.While stopping the dbconsole, it showed Failed. -bash-3.00$ emctl stop dbconsole Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release Copyright (c) 1996, 2007 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. http://node1:1158/em/console/aboutApplication Stopping Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control ............. --- Failed to shutdown DBConsole Gracefully --- failed. Lets check the … Continue reading ERROR ssl: nzos_Handshake failed, ret=29024


Read Only Vs Offline Tablespace

"What is the difference between Read-Only tablespace and Offline tablespace, in terms of SCNs??"This was asked to me long time back.As per the Books,making a tablespace read-only prevents write operations on the datafiles in the tablespace.Bringing an online tablespace offline, makes the schema objects within the tablespace unavailable to the database users.But still i think … Continue reading Read Only Vs Offline Tablespace

Online Redo Logfiles – In Physical Standby

Recently, i was asked, how to add the Online Redo Logfile to the Standby database, as the parameter log_file_name_convert was set wrong on the Standby database.When i heard the question, i was confused.Though for a moment, and it suddenly hit to my mind "What is the need of Online Redo Logfiles in the Standby database.The … Continue reading Online Redo Logfiles – In Physical Standby

Row Cache Lock – An interesting case

Suddenly today morning i was reported that an Import is hanging.The dumpfile was of 1Gb  containing few small tables.Immediately, i checked what all are the sessions belonging to impdp and what is session wait for them.Knowing the session wait makes things easier to analyze. As the import was started by 'SYSTEM' SELECT NVL(a.username, '(oracle)') AS … Continue reading Row Cache Lock – An interesting case