Blocksize for Datafiles,Redo log files and Control files

Few times this question passed by my mind but don't know why i never thought much over it -  "Are the block sizes for the datafiles,redo log files and control files the same".Thanks to Aman, for writing on it, in his blog.Simple and well explained.Definitely, read it 🙂

ORA-600[2130], [2], [1], [2]

I had an interesting case of ORA-600 [2130], [2], [1], [2] few days back, which i am going to share in this post 🙂 As part of Oracle streams setup , a downstream capture database was created by me manually. What is Downstream Capture Database ???With Oracle 10g,it is possible to configure the capture process … Continue reading ORA-600[2130], [2], [1], [2]