Audit Connect AS SYSDBA

I need to admit my lack of working on UNIX flavors.Few months back only i started working on databases on UNIX flavors, before this it was all windows family.Reason for my so much working on windows family needs to asked to my MANAGER 😉 I was informed about the space crunch issue by the support … Continue reading Audit Connect AS SYSDBA


Oracle Home Silent Deinstallation

Today i tried deinstalling ORCALE_HOME silently on redhat 5 and it was fun.The command used :- ./runInstaller -deinstall ORACLE_HOME=current_oracle_home "REMOVE_HOMES={oracle_home_to_be_removed}" -silent   1. Login to the server 2. Check the Current Oracle Home. 3. Correctly note the Oracle Home to be removed. 4. Check the contents of  "inventory.xml" in oraInventory/ContentsXML folder :- [oracle@ash-sr84 ContentsXML]$ cat … Continue reading Oracle Home Silent Deinstallation

ORA-19528: redo logs being cleared may need access to files

Few days back a semi-DBA(semi cause he looks more into application but side-by-side does some DBA work also) came rushing, saying he is getting "ORA-19528" when trying to drop the standby redolog files .The database was single instance with datafiles and redo logfiles on ASM and was used as the capture database for CDC.Google didn't … Continue reading ORA-19528: redo logs being cleared may need access to files

Shell Script for RMAN Backup

Few days back  i devoted my time in creating a shell script to take RMAN backup for a 2-node RAC database on Sun Solaris.Both the datafiles and the archive logfiles(for both the instances) are on a shared SAN box. Below is the script :- ORACLE_HOME=/projects/product/10.2.0/db_1 export ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_SID=test1 export ORACLE_SID PATH=$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin export PATH set -x … Continue reading Shell Script for RMAN Backup