DB Link Name and DB Global Name

The database link name do have dependencies on the global database name.Global database names uniquely identify a database in the system.It is formed from two components: a database name and a domain.The database name and the domain can be determined by the following initialization parametrs:- For database name  :-  db_name 22:34:00 SYS @ oracle >show … Continue reading DB Link Name and DB Global Name


Silly and Interesting – III

Querying the column name that is not present in the table gives error:- ORA-00904: "COLUMN_NAME": invalid identifier Example:- 20:05:28 SYS @ oracle >desc scott.emp Name                       Null?    Type -------------------------- -------- -------------- EMPNO                      NOT NULL NUMBER(4) ENAME                                VARCHAR2(10) JOB                                  VARCHAR2(9) MGR                                  NUMBER(4) HIREDATE                             DATE SAL                                  NUMBER(7,2) COMM                                 NUMBER(7,2) DEPTNO                               NUMBER(2) 20:08:32 SYS @ oracle >select d_ename from … Continue reading Silly and Interesting – III