Silly and Interesting – I

Experience always counts !!!!and i am a beginner 🙂 Today again had a silly but interesting event.I was told to import data of a table in a database  which i found out was a range based partitioned table.The range was from 01-10th,11-20st and 21-30/31st of every month.I was supposed to import the data of … Continue reading Silly and Interesting – I

EXP – COMPRESS parameter in 9i and 10g

The compress parameter in export has been a misunderstood parameter.Even i misunderstood it and related it to compression of data in the export file leading to smaller size of the dump file, until i read this it says First of all from 10g documentation Utilities Guide: The default, COMPRESS=y, causes Export to flag table … Continue reading EXP – COMPRESS parameter in 9i and 10g

Table Name:- Silly But Interesting

Today happened a silly but little interesting incident with a table name. Non-Partitioned table OUT_OF_BOX was to be converted into a partitioned table.A friend of mine took the export backup of the non-partitioned, renamed it to OUT_OF_BOX_old (using toad schema browser), created the new partitioned table with the same name OUT_OF_BOX as previous one and … Continue reading Table Name:- Silly But Interesting